TIQ multi turn electric actuator

TIQ multi turn electric actuator

Brief description: BLC multi-turn electric actuator is an advanced intelligent 

non-intrusive electric valve actuator that provides multi-turn, part-turn and 

straight-stroke options. Sturdy structure, double sealing, effectively waterproof 

and dustproof (IP68) when working on site

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Overview and Application

BLC multi-turn electric actuator

Advanced, intelligent, non-intrusive electric valve actuator available in multi-turn, part-turn and linear options.

Rugged structure and double sealing, effectively waterproof and dustproof (IP68) when working on site

Available in three-phase, single-phase and DC power supplies

Simple and easy-to-control human-computer interaction page

Operating system with self-test and error correction functions

Chinese and English switchable dual-language text display

Wiring and debugging without opening the cover

Simple torque and valve position control, enhanced reliability

Optional explosion-proof type

Direct torque output range from 35Nm-1200Nm

Optional Modbus, Profibus DP, Hart, MEWTOCOL and other bus communication protocols

BLC multi-turn electric actuator

Technical Parameters

Ambient temperature: -25℃-+70℃

Environmental humidity: ≤95% (at +25℃)

Power supply: Three-phase 380V AC 50Hz

Single phase 220V AC 50Hz

Terminal block: round connector

Wiring holes: 3-G3/4

Protection level: IP67, IP68 (special order)

Basic error: ≤±1%

Return difference: ≤1%

Flange connection standards: JB2920, GB12222, GB12223,